My publisher had to make changes to their own processes to guarantee that a book (such as mine) that needs to support International text can indeed be published. Those very issues have found their way into the book as well, and actually helped to give some unique insights into issues you might need to make in documenting your own applications!

My Aquisitions Editor, Sharon Cox, once told me that I had a huge team working on the book, to help take care of all of the needs for a book that supports international text. The full list of those people did not make it into the book, so I wanted to put the list here…. every single one of these people has my deepest gratitude for making the book a success!

  • Sharon Cox, Aquisitions Editor
  • Brad Jones, Associate Publisher
  • Kevin Howard, Development Editor
  • Pierre Boutquin, Technical Editor
  • Charlotte Clapp, Managing Editor
  • Carol Bowers, Project Editor
  • Mike Henry, Copy Editor
  • Rhonda Tinch-Mize, Copy Editor
  • Mary Ellen Stephenson, Copy Editor
  • Katie Robinson, Formatter
  • Trina Wurst, Page Layout Technician
  • Kathy Bidwell, Proofreader
  • Eric Schroeder, Indexer
  • JG Moore, Media Development Specialist
  • Mary Beth Wakefield, Support Services Manager
  • Laurie Casey, Production Manager
  • Sandra Schroder, Design Manager
  • Gary Adair, Sams Design Team Leader
  • Al Bruner, Manager of Technical Services
  • David McGuire, Project Lead, Technical Services
  • Dan Uhrig, Manufacturing
  • John Ball, User Services