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How Technology Helps A Bakery

In the culinary world, baking is viewed more as a science than anything else. In order for the baker to create the perfect dish, every level of every ingredient has to be precise. Adding too much of one thing or over cooking a dish, even by an extra minute, can render almost any dish inedible. With the trick to being able to bake a good dish falling on the ability

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How Gun Lobby is Using Technology to Swerve People’s Opinion

The majority of people are in need of safer guns. Hence many are in favor of the making of guns in a design that makes gun safer. According to several research conducted, it evident that it is to the people interest to reduce the number of gun violence using technology. It has been a public health epidemic (more than 33,000 people in America are killed annually). In a national survey

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Computer In A Fridge – Is It Possible?

Sometimes, your computer may heat up and won’t easily cool due to extreme temperatures in your room. Though it has a fan, it may not help in blowing the excessive heat produced by your computer. You may then decide to put it inside the refrigerator for a while to see if it will provide a better solution for you. See what will happen. Computer In A Fridge – Does It

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