pancakes-1512834_1280In the culinary world, baking is viewed more as a science than anything else. In order for the baker to create the perfect dish, every level of every ingredient has to be precise. Adding too much of one thing or over cooking a dish, even by an extra minute, can render almost any dish inedible. With the trick to being able to bake a good dish falling on the ability of the baker to be as precise as possible, there has been a who field of technology developed, to help make the job of the baker a little bit easier. You might be wondering how technology helps a bakery reach its full potential? This is just a brief look at the few of the ways that technology has changed the way a bakery is run.

One of the biggest tasks that a bakery is going to face, ofcourse after choosing a name, is having the ability to monitor the temperatures of all of the ovens. Having to have some run around the kitchen and manually check these temperature gauges can have a negative effect on the overall efficiency of the bakery, it also opens the possibility of human error coming into play. Having an automated system doesn’t just make your kitchen run more efficiently, it also makes it easier to maintain quality control over the goods produced by the bakery so that every thing that you put out for the public is always up to the standards that they are looking for.

treats-for-two-1315443_1280One piece of technology that has proven itself to be a staple of the modern bakery, is the POS system. Many of these systems don’t just make taking orders easier, but they offer a wide range of features that will make managing your bakery a breeze. Depending on the system that you install, you can use your mobile device to keep records of your inventory, monitor your store while you’re not there and you can even take of your social media promotions all without having to dedicate hours of your time to it. This ability to easily oversee the bakery will allow for you to focus more on creating the perfect dish instead of stressing about the everyday tasks.

These two piece of technology help a bakery by taking over some of the daily tasks that you are going to be faced with. With baking requiring the baker to be 100% accurate with everything, having some technology that can take over the more redundant and time consuming tasks, can help you increase your focus on your dishes. Being a baker is a harder job than many people may realize, but there are ways that you can incorporate technology into your bakery to make it a less stressful environment.

061The majority of people are in need of safer guns. Hence many are in favor of the making of guns in a design that makes gun safer. According to several research conducted, it evident that it is to the people interest to reduce the number of gun violence using technology. It has been a public health epidemic (more than 33,000 people in America are killed annually). In a national survey done, 59% of the people said that in case they might buy a new gun, they can be interested in buying a childproof or a personalized firearm that can only be operated by the authorized owner. The Gun Lobby got it all as support is high across the political field as they are interested in buying a firearm that has safety –boosting technology. Actually 43% are of people currently owning guns are in favor, as only 24% are against it. The Gun Lobby has used technology to swerve peoples opinion in the following ways;

1) Preventing Tragedies

Gun Lobby has been equipped with smart technology that can significantly reduce misuse and accident use of the guns by the young people, which for the past years make up the greater part of five hundred plus unintended shooting deaths that occur. Having this personalized gun, kids will not be in a position to fire the gun found at their home or at a friend’s place. According to research done, shootings that involve people of different could have been avoided if the safe technology gun were being used. Smart guns can also help to curb gun suicides, which have resulted to firearm-related fatalities. Presently the young people commit suicide and in most cases they use their parents’ gun. Additionally, safe guns can stop criminals from handling a gun against its owner in case it is taken away or stolen. Also guns stolen from their owners would have no use in the illegal market that encourages gun violence. Given that most killings are done using the stolen guns, The Gun Lobby would be of help as it would be in a position of saving eleven thousand people and above who are shot with firearms annually. The Gun Lobby can help stop these tragedies, yet with no restriction on private firearm ownership.

2) Safety Sells

In spite of the efforts to block private guns from hitting the market, the outcome of a recent research showed that the National Rifle Association (NRA’s) fight hasn’t changed people opinion on the safer firearms. Many if not all still are willing to purchase this guns due to the safe technology that they have.

Sometimes, your computer may heat up and won’t easily cool due to extreme temperatures in your room. Though it has a fan, it may not help in blowing the excessive heat produced by your computer. You may then decide to put it inside the refrigerator for a while to see if it will provide a better solution for you. See what will happen.

Computer In A Fridge – Does It Work?

Placing your computer inside a small upright freezer  can provide a small but not the best solution for cooling the CPU or motherboard of your computer. Unless your PC has a fan blowing directly into it, dismantling the fans will make the process even hotter, as PC fans always supply air to the parts that generate a lot of heat. Placing your PC inside the fridge enables the fans to suck the cold air around the fridge.

Fridges adds cold air in regions where removal of heat has taken place. With exhaust fans, the warm air generated by the computer will be sucked out of the refrigerator fridge and substituted with cool air.

The fridge’s cold temperature can’t cause any damages to your computer and can work perfectly in cooling your computer. How is it done? This is purely application of condensation.


If you have decided to apply this technique and it seems this is the only cold environment available in your place, just follow these steps:

  1. Shut down your computer.
  2. Allow it to stay for some minutes to reduce the heat rate produced by the running PC.
  3. Wrap piece of cloth or towel on it, move it into the fridge, and make sure you move it to a section that is free from humidity.
  4. After two minutes check to see if the towel is wet, if it is wet replace the cover with a new towel.
  5. Check after every five minutes to note if the towel becomes wet once again.
  6. Let it stay for about an hour.

The function of towel wrapped on your PC is to trap moisture from the fridge, it also cools provides a suitable temperature to the computer as the fridge performs its duties. Try this. Will it work? If it works then you will be lucky to safe your time money and resources.

Good luck!


Only attempt it with your OWN computer that you cannot afford to lose or if you feel you don’t need to visit computer repair shops.