About Me

michkaMy name is Michael Kaplan and this name might be new to many, but I am currently the man behind the company called Trigeminal Software, Inc. I am also the lead developer of this company. My company specializes in software innovation and solutions used in Microsoft Visual Basic, Access and other programs. I used to work with different aspects of the trade and it has allowed me to gain extensive knowledge about systems, servers and Microsoft Access in general.

I have worked for the team that developed Microsoft Access and my involvement with merging Far East code into US English wizards has been noted as well. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to become a developer of wizards that are used all over the world. The innovative work has proven that I am capable of taking on new challenges and I’m not scared to take the knowledge and apply it to different branches of the technology in use nowadays.

I am also the man who worked on upgrading and updating Visual Basic add-ins and other technical aspects, and also worked on SQL Server as well as different new solutions for components focusing mainly on I18N and localization, because these aspects can be an essential part of coding, not just for Microsoft itself, but also companies that use the products and coding.

I have written and published books about technical aspects of development to offer readers an insight and my personal expertise. Although sometimes critics say that there is too much knowledge in the books, I simply offer introduction and my own idea of solutions to questions asked by employers and now clients. The complex wording can be forgiven, considering it is never an easy task to put technical aspects in a book. The essence of technology has proven to be much more complex and I do not want to shy away from technical terms.

An author and a personality, I keep moving forward as an innovator, a writer, developer and a professional in this field.