How To Change Time Zone Information By Using Visual Basic

Below is How to change time zone information by using Visual Basic and The best approach to execute this impact is as per the following:

1. Figure out which time zone you may intrigued to change.

2. Locate the key in the register which contains the information anticipated that would fill the TIME_ZONE_INFORMATION structure.

3. Perused in that information and weight the qualities into a variable of sort TIME_ZONE_INFORMATION.

4. Call the SetTimeZoneInformation API, passing it the TIME_ZONE_INFORMATION struct variable.

The range in the register which usually do contains timezone data/information fluctuates between Windows 9X plus Windows NT and Windows 2000.

Regulated illustration 

The code test underneath usually requires a structure with a listbox. The listbox is stacked with the conceivable time zone values that the client can choose with a double tap to change the time zone. It will demonstrate a message box that, once rejected, will change the framework settings back to their unique qualities.

1. Create another Standard EXE venture. Form1 is made as a matter of course to be able to change.

2. Now add the Listbox control to Form1.

3. Add the code to the General Declarations segment of Form1:

4. Run the system, and note that the listbox shows the majority of the accessible time zones.

5. Select a period zone, and afterward double tap it. Your framework district is changed to the choose zone. You get the accompanying message:

Time Zone Changed, Click OK to reestablish 

6. In Control Panel, double tap the Date/Time symbol. You can likewise achieve this discourse by double tapping the check in the framework plate. Click the Time Zone tab and watch that the time zone has been changed.

7. Close the Date/Time Properties discourse box and snap OK on the message box showed by your application. Rehash the past stride to affirm that the time zone

By following these steps you will be able to change time zone information by using Visual Basic comfortably and correctly.

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