Computer In A Fridge – Is It Possible?

Sometimes, your computer may heat up and won’t easily cool due to extreme temperatures in your room. Though it has a fan, it may not help in blowing the excessive heat produced by your computer. You may then decide to put it inside the refrigerator for a while to see if it will provide a better solution for you. See what will happen.

Computer In A Fridge – Does It Work?

Placing your computer inside a small upright freezer  can provide a small but not the best solution for cooling the CPU or motherboard of your computer. Unless your PC has a fan blowing directly into it, dismantling the fans will make the process even hotter, as PC fans always supply air to the parts that generate a lot of heat. Placing your PC inside the fridge enables the fans to suck the cold air around the fridge.

Fridges adds cold air in regions where removal of heat has taken place. With exhaust fans, the warm air generated by the computer will be sucked out of the refrigerator fridge and substituted with cool air.

The fridge’s cold temperature can’t cause any damages to your computer and can work perfectly in cooling your computer. How is it done? This is purely application of condensation.


If you have decided to apply this technique and it seems this is the only cold environment available in your place, just follow these steps:

  1. Shut down your computer.
  2. Allow it to stay for some minutes to reduce the heat rate produced by the running PC.
  3. Wrap piece of cloth or towel on it, move it into the fridge, and make sure you move it to a section that is free from humidity.
  4. After two minutes check to see if the towel is wet, if it is wet replace the cover with a new towel.
  5. Check after every five minutes to note if the towel becomes wet once again.
  6. Let it stay for about an hour.

The function of towel wrapped on your PC is to trap moisture from the fridge, it also cools provides a suitable temperature to the computer as the fridge performs its duties. Try this. Will it work? If it works then you will be lucky to safe your time money and resources.

Good luck!


Only attempt it with your OWN computer that you cannot afford to lose or if you feel you don’t need to visit computer repair shops.

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